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Keep Your Video Marketing Collateral in One Place

September 7, 2010 2 comments

At Vipe we often hear success stories from our customers using video for marketing and sales. We are posting excerpts from a hotel customer because it shares several ideas for how hotels can use videos beyond just on their website. They are finding that individualizing communications with key customers provides returns in spades.

Let us know if you have other ideas too!


With everything that has to be managed in a Hotel Sales Office it’s nice to know that you can keep all of your Video Marketing pieces in one easy to access and easy to use place.

Having videos of your property for marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine a prospect having the ability to see the sales person they are dealing with. Have a stock video of yourself or the staff saying something like… “It was nice speaking to you earlier today, I look forward to working with you and if I can answer any more questions, please call or email me.”

This also works well when cold calling/prospecting outside of the office. Get back to your office after hours of rejection at the reception desks you’ve encountered and fire off a video email to all of the office/travel managers you were unable to see, but you were able to get their business card. It goes something like this…”Hello, I’m Jay Salesperson from the Five Seasons Hotel, I’m sorry I missed you at the office earlier today (I left my card at the desk) I wanted to introduce myself and invite you to come and tour our Hotel and enjoy lunch. I’ve included a few videos or our rooms to give you an idea of the exciting changes that we have made here.

Connect again with customers who you have not seen in a while. “Hello, it’s Jay, I just wanted to thank you for your business and I hope you can come by for lunch and a quick tour of our renovated rooms. Bring a guest.”

The power of this type of communication is irresistible. Never before have salespeople been as empowered as they are in this age of the Internet. Use it to your advantage and reap the rewards.


Video can be a powerful replacement to most any situation you wish you could be in person. With the components of communications at 55% body language and video proven to elicit action, we suggest you should test video in at least one way or another (even we at Vipe have a YouTube Channel for video marketing to drive awareness).