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Internet Basics Video: How To Use RSS

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment

The past couple of years I have traveled across the country (and given webinars internationally) about how to incorporate web 2.0 and social media into a company’s marketing strategy. One thing I learned is that sometimes the very basics are the most important place to start, so I recently put together a series of videos for how to get started with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and now RSS.

The previous video series included Getting Started with LinkedIn to Improve your Marketing, How to Create and Use Groups and Answers in LinkedIn, and How Twitter can be Valuable to Your Marketing and Sales.

Today I’m providing a quick series on how to use RSS (really simple syndication):

The web is the most powerful medium for accessing any amount of information ever invented. However, with the massive amount of information out there, it can become overwhelming.

A technology call RSS feeds can help you bring the world of information that is relevant to you to your fingertips, and this exact same technology can also help you blast out your message to the world. Watch the video series to learn how to take advantage of RSS feeds! The video series includes:

  • Bringing the world of information to you
    Video about how to use RSS

    Click here to watch the How To Use RSS Video Series

    This video tutorial walks you through exactly how to get setup with RSS feeds to organize information relevant to you on the web and bring it to your fingertips.

    Begin by creating a Google Reader account. This will serve as your home base for all the information you want to come to you. Once you have Google Reader, the next step is to start subscribing to online resources that are relevant to your business and industry.

  • Marketing your message out to the world
    Using the same RSS technology that you used to bring information to your fingertips, you can take your own blog and have it “fed” to multiple other places on the web to increase the exposure of your blog.

    RSS allows you to have a new blog posting, and once you put it live, automatically get posted to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other networks that you belong to – without having to do anything!

Click here to view the video series.