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Video How To: What is Twitter and how can it be valuable to your business?

September 2, 2010 1 comment

Twitter is really a simple company, it is simply an online depository of status updates, not unliked your status updates on LinkedIn and Facebook. The difference with Twitter is that their status updates are searchable.

When you are trying to find out information about a prospect or customer, you are most likely going to “Google it.” Well you can also search Twitter, however, with Twitter you are not going to find the company’s website, you are going to find out what others are saying about that company. Also, if the company has a Twitter account of their own, you will find out what the company’s most recent announcements are.

Millions of people are searching Twitter, so if you are not posting information about your company on this medium, you are reducing your opportunities to be found.

Check out our video series explaining what Twitter is and demonstrating how to use it:

  • Twitter Overview
    How to video about using twitter

    How To Video About Using Twitter

    This video tutorial shows you and introduces the basic functionality of Twitter. Interestingly enough, the value you will derive from Twitter, the searching for others and posting your own messages, will most likely not happen on

    There are a number of other applications you can use to search and make posts to Twitter. In the video below you will be shown how to use TweetDeck, a popular and valuable product to implement your Twitter searches.

  • The Value of Twitter Search – Tweetdeck
    The real value of Twitter is the search. Millions of people are searching Twitter, which means it can be a great way for you to create opportunities to be found, and also a great way to find out a lot of information about others.

    By entering your prospects and customers names into a search on TweetDeck, you can stay up to date on what others are saying about your prospects and customers, and also any new events your prospects and customers are announcing.

    This can be very valuable as a sales tool because it can give you ammo for conversations, as well as excuses to reach out to your prospects and customers.

Click here to view the video series.