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This Week in Video Marketing News

February 22, 2011 3 comments

Welcome to the beginning of a new series: a weekly update of video marketing related news from other industry blogs, marketing companies, and more. We are sharing this information with you to help you stay informed with what’s going on with video from ideas to technology.


How To Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Video (10 ideas for videos!)

A very informative article from Marketo, a marketing automation company, about using video throughout the buying cycle of a B2B organization. Jon Miller, their VP of Marketing, lays out a great list of 10 ideas for using video throughout your buying cycle. Click here to read the article.


New Flash Version Released

Adobe releases Flash version 10.2 with claims of 34% increase in efficiency and h.264 hardware acceleration. With the exception of when you are using your iPhone or iPad, if you are watching video online you are most likely using Flash. Flash is a wonderful technology for videos and applications, however, it takes a lot of processing power to run. Increases in efficiency reduce the horsepower needed to power flash allowing other applications to run on your computer (and also keeping the core cooler). Here is a link to the article by discussing this release in more detail.


Accustream Announces Professional Video Consumption Up Almost 50% in 2010

While it is debatable how feasible it is to track “professional” video views across the web, it is interesting to note that video is increasingly moving online. Now, more than ever, are people viewing all types of video from an online device. dives into more details here.


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Grant Crowell of ReeLSEO interviews Stanford Psychology Professor about Video and Business

August 2, 2010 2 comments

Grant Crowell, a regular contributor to ReeLSEO, the online video marketer’s guide, interviewed Professor BJ Fogg about the effectiveness and challenges of using video in business.

Some surprising answers came from Dr. Fogg including quotes like “Video has become one of the most effective ways to motivate people towards certain behaviors.” and “…the biggest challenge I’m seeing, when I work with brands or large organizations, is that they’re afraid to dive in.”

Read the entire article to learn more about how nimble companies are succeeding because they are trying video, whereas large organizations holding back because they want video to be “perfect” are losing out.