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Webinar – Business Video Can Be So Damn Frustrating!

January 10, 2012 28 comments

I’m thrilled to be a guest speaker for this month’s “Lunch with Haley” webinar on Thursday January 19th at 11am PST / 2pm EST. Hosted by Haley Marketing, the world’s largest marketing firm dedicated to servicing the staffing and recruiting industries, this webinar is designed to be an educational session about business video.

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Details:Haley Marketing Logo

Ever dream of channeling Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese in order to create a high quality video for your business?

Well, it doesn’t take a Hollywood production team to create professional videos for your business! In fact, you can create professional and compelling videos to fit your business in no time at all.

But how can you incorporate video into your sales and marketing, and better yet, where do you begin?

Join us and special guest presenter, Adam Peterson, from VIPE, Thursday, January 19, 2012 for:

Business Video Can Be So Damn Frustrating!

What you need to know to make video produce results for you. In this 60 minute presentation, you’ll uncover the four secrets to making a successful video that produces results.

You’ll also learn:
1. The pros and cons of YouTube videos for business
2. The value of video: Is your firm not only providing great candidates but also a great process (on both the marketing and fulfillment sides of the business)?
3. What are the “devil in the details” as it relates to getting started with video?
4. How to successfully incorporate video into your email marketing.

For more details, and to reserve your seat, visit:

Lessons Learned from TechServe Alliance IT Staffing Conference 2011

November 14, 2011 5 comments

November 2-4 I was in Phoenix for the annual TechServe Alliance (TSA) conference. TSA is a staffing association focused specifically on IT Staffing. The event was extremely well run, with attendees, speakers, and vendors all providing positive feedback to the executive planning committee.

A few notes from the conference:

IT Staffing is Up

  • Attendance was up 41% over last year and the general vibe was very positive.
  • Finding skilled talent is more of a challenge than finding job orders.
  • As of October, the IT Employment Index is up 0.17% from September 2011, and up 2.21% from October 2010.
  • IT Staffing has had ~23 consecutive months of growth as an industry

There is a Shortage of Qualified Talent

Carl Camden, CEO of Kelly Services, gave an authoritative keynote discussing major challenges facing the staffing industry as a whole in the coming decade. He challenged the audience of ~500 IT Staffing decision makers to think longer term than the next job order. To focus on becoming a strategic partner in workforce planning.

In his opinion, the next 10 years will determine if staffing becomes a commodity or an integral part of “Talent Supply Chain Management.” He posed the following question: when a client calls you up to staff a new manufacturing plant in Indonesia, were you part of the planning committee to determine Indonesia as a location due to available talent, or is your role that of reacting to the new order?

A few stats he shared:

  • There are 9 million unemployed people in the US.
  • There are 2.5 million jobs that cannot be filled due to an unqualified workforce. (cannot be filled = open for more than 60 days).
  • There are 600,000 un-fillable manufacturing jobs due to unskilled talent.
  • The number of STEM graduates (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) has reduced dramatically over the past 10 years.
  • By 2020 we will need 1 million more STEM college grads and our current pace will not fulfill that need.

Like it or not, Social Media is a necessary expense in your business

Jennifer Abernathy (@SalesLounge) gave a great talk about the current and future opportunities in social media. There is a LOT going on out there and for better or worse, companies will need to participate in order to engage the new workforce and standard consumer behaviors of today.

In my opinion, the addition of social media to the operations of an organization, is similar to the evolution of advertising and sales, into marketing and sales a few years back. Marketing became an independent entity responsible (and accountable) for advertising AND lead generation. Now, social media, is becoming an independent entity within marketing as the “incubator of relationships.” To make things even more complicated, social media is trying to find a role in sales as well.

Nonetheless, Jennifer provided lots of takeaway gems:

  • Make sure you get a Twitter handle (@companyname) for your company. Whether or not you use it today, you should own it.
  • Same with a .tv URL.
  • Video will be a requirement in 2012.
  • Begin planning mobile marketing initiatives (and collecting mobile numbers).
  • One major upcoming trend is mobile commerce, or mCommerce.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn professional headline is descriptive (not just title).
  • Add your web address and phone number to your LinkedIn summary – in addition to other keyword terms relevant to your business. Your LinkedIn summary is searchable by Google.

Last but definitely not least!

There were many more incredible talks. Barb Bruno ( gave a home run presentation about how to be a successful recruiter. How many of you end your day by writing down the top 6 things “closest to the money” that you will do tomorrow?

Alan Beaulieu ( gave the most entertaining economic forecast I have ever heard (he also owns the second place spot in my book from the Executive Forum conference a couple years back). On top of being an interesting speaker, Alan has a 96% accuracy rate predicting business cycles.

Until the next conference!

Haley Marketing Partners with Vipe

October 12, 2011 4 comments

I’m pleased to announce an exciting new partnership for Vipe. Haley Marketing Group signed a definitive agreement with Vipe to resell Vipe as part of their new IVM (Internet Video Marketing) Suite of solutions.

Haley is the largest marketing firm in the world dedicated to servicing the staffing and recruiting industry. With hundreds of satisfied customers, Haley provides services that are designed to help staffing and recruiting firms integrate marketing into their sales and talent acquisition processes to improve sales efficiency, sell higher margin staffing solutions, reduce recruiting costs, and nurture relationships with employers and job seekers. With many years of experience in staffing/recruiting, Haley is the premier provider of marketing strategy, website design, email newsletters, blog writing and social media marketing, direct mail, corporate identity and marketing collateral development. And now they provide Vipe video capabilities to their impressive list of services.

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Vipe CEO Adam Peterson to Speak on Marketing, Video, and Social Media to the California Staffing Professionals

March 8, 2011 2 comments

Vipe CEO Adam Peterson will be presenting on Marketing, Video, and Social Media to the Silicon Valley Chapter of the California Staffing Professionals next Wednesday, March 16th in Mountain View.

Adam Peterson To Speak to the CSPFor more information and to register for the event, click here.

Unlike any other presentation I’ve given before on this topic, I will be questioning if a social media component of a marketing plan for small businesses makes sense. For small businesses, it is enough of a challenge to balance day-to-day sales with the longer-term marketing. Recognizing the commonality among all businesses is a limitation of resources – time and financing – how should a small business prioritize the available channels of marketing?

Should be a great event!

YouTube Blocked by 11.9% of Businesses, Facebook Worse

January 30, 2011 3 comments

A report recently released by OpenDNS lists the top sites blacklisted by business networks in 2010. It turns out a significant number of organizations are limiting the online behavior of their employees in an attempt to minimize “cyberslacking.”

According to the report, YouTube is blocked by 11.9% of business networks. However, YouTube ranks only third on the list of blacklisted sites with Facebook coming in first with a block rate of 23% and MySpace second at 13%. Here is the breakdown of the top ten blacklisted sites by businesses:

  1. — 23%
  2. — 13%
  3. — 11.9%
  4. — 5.7%
  5. — 4.2%
  6. — 2.1%
  7. — 2.1%
  8. — 1.8%
  9. — 1.6%
  10. — 1.6%

Interestingly, the numbers are slightly different when including the school and consumer networks that OpenDNS services. Across all networks Facebook is blocked 14.2% of the time and YouTube 8.1%. It makes sense that more businesses block these sites than school and consumer networks as “businesses are concerned with singling out popular sites considered to be of little value in a work setting.”

These are the first numbers I have seen that quantify how many companies are actually blocking sites like YouTube. Unfortunately this appears to be the first report of its kind, so we can’t yet determine if the number is trending upward or downward. I can understand arguments on both sides: some suggest that it is inevitable for businesses to start opening up to Facebook and YouTube, yet others believe the opposite as these consumer driven sites seemingly suck up a lot of potential productivity from employees.

Furthermore, with corporate social networking sites like Yammer, Jive, and Chatter, in addition to private video hosting sites like Vipe becoming increasingly popular, I can understand why organizations are investing in gaining the benefits of crowd collaboration and customer engagement without the “cyberslacking” downside.

Regardless of whether your own organization blocks these sites, if you are trying to communicate online with other businesses, it is important to know that you cannot reach a significant chunk of your audience if you solely rely on sites like YouTube and Facebook to market your message.

Click here to read the original report.

Truly Amazing – Video and Story of the Man with the Golden Voice

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

This story brings tears to my eyes. Many of you are already some of the millions who have heard about this story, but for those who haven’t, read on.

Ted Williams - Homeless Man with Golden Voice

Ted Williams - Homeless Man with Golden Voice

Last month a videographer (Dorel Chenoweth III) from the Columbus Dispatch was driving down interstate 71 in Columbus and a homeless man, Ted Williams, caught his attention. Carrying a sign that began “I have a God given gift of voice” Dorel stopped to listen. Low and behold, Ted proved to have the perfect deep and resonate voice one would imagine on the radio.

Recording his interaction, which soon turned into an interview, Dorel put together a video that shortly became super viral on YouTube. The next thing you know, Ted (who was homeless as of 3 days ago) was on the Today show this morning and has apparently been offered several jobs ranging from an announcer on numerous radio shows to the announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers!

Click here to watch Ted on the Today Show!

Thomas Friedman wrote how technology was flattening the world for corporations. This rags to riches story proves that technology like video is also leveling the playing field for “sole proprietorships.” YouTube was founded in February of 2005. It’s amazing to think that a story like this would not have been possible just a few years ago. It took the worldwide adoption of video – from ease of creation to the norm that is watching online video on a daily basis – to allow such an wonderful, heartwarming story to happen. Simply amazing!

Vipe CEO Adam Peterson guest speaker on This Week in Hotels

December 21, 2010 2 comments

Vipe’s very own Adam Peterson was the guest speaker on This Week in Hotels, a weekly series of interviews with industry experts hosted by Josiah Mackenzie of and Guillaume Thevenot of The weekly show discusses what’s going on in the world of travel and technology to brainstorm ways to use new media to ultimately help your hotel be more successful.

The conversation discussed the future of video in the hospitality space. All three speakers on the call discussed the value of video, the challenges of adoption, and the direction the industry will likely adopt.

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