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Video Marketing – One “Sure Thing” in 2011

Another guest post from Bruce Pressman:

Just as investors are always looking for that one sure thing that will make their portfolio sing, sales people are looking for that same sure thing from their marketing efforts. If research and results proved anything in 2010, it was the effectiveness of using video for sales and marketing campaigns.

10 commandments for the modern marketer

10 Commandments for the Modern Marketer (PDF)

Marketing roles are evolving – with some in the industry even talking about how job titles are likely to change away from “marketing” to terms that reflect the bigger scope of the role. As such, chief marketing officers have been forced to rethink their strategies and adopt new tactics to get their messages across to consumers. Author Joe Fernandez calls these the “The 10 Commandments of Marketing” (note this is a PDF so it might take a few seconds to load).

These ten commandments are inspired by what the world’s most powerful marketers think their peers need to embrace in order to spot opportunities within crises and set up their businesses to flourish both next year and in future decades. Video is one way to change things up.

Christine Nordhielm, Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan suggests that too many marketers are currently acting like “anaesthetists” – sending consumers to sleep with their predictable communications. She warns that they are using “ordinary techniques, which may lack competitive advantage,” adding that: “The greatest challenge facing CMOs is to keep up with the mindset of the modern consumer and continue to engage with them in the way they desire.”

By using video, you will be addressing this modern consumer and taking the lead, by standing out from your competitors, much like having a website presence did for you in the 90’s.

Consider attending the American Marketing Association’s next event in San Francisco (it’s not until June, however, planning early never hurt anyone).

Digital Centered Marketing 2011: San Francisco
Courtyard San Fransicso Downtown: 299 Second Street
San Fransicso , CA  94105
6/9/2011 7:30 AM  – 6/9/2011 4:45 PM
Register by 5/9/2011 12:00 AM  for early registration fee

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