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Video Marketing? The Internet did not Kill the Video Star, It Created a monster!

Marketers are becoming increasingly convinced of the benefits of video email, social media, and personalization or targeting. Over 80 percent of survey respondents plan to use video emails in 2010 and over 90 percent of SMB marketers plan to integrate social media into their email campaigns this year. With over a 96% increase in click-through rates, isn’t this the kind of attention we want our emails to get?

What did we do before video? We had a cute subject line. We had pre-calls made to the client/prospect asking them to “look out” for our important-email. We visited offices with the promise of a follow-up email to relay any facts or info the prospect wanted in writing. This seemed all nice and neat, however; it never really got the attention we thought our product or service deserved. Sometimes they responded to our follow up calls or emails, sometimes they did not.

Now, if you send an email with the promise of a “Personal Video Message from ME!” you will get results. Competing with yesterday’s marketing strategies and methods grows hazardous as world class competitors vigorously challenge each other. Never before have the latest and best marketing and sales practices been more essential in conquering new markets and defending hard-won gains.

Interest in video usage is growing, according to Multichannel Merchant’s recent Outlook 2010 survey. Of the 594 respondents who said they sell via catalogs and/or Websites, 46% said they are using rich media to include video on their sites. What’s more, 37.4% said they are using video to help boost their rankings in the search engines.

Use of video is set to increase this year: The Outlook study indicates that 42.3% of merchants will incorporate videos into their Websites in 2010.

With the popularity of video on the web now, it makes sense to cater to the audience that is viewing these videos. Even the older generation can’t seem to escape the “here and now” of video. Trying several different approaches to get the attention of a prospect or a customer by using video will make you stand out from the ordinary emails that fill their inbox everyday. The power of video in marketing is undeniable. See you on the web!

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