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Video Marketing Please Keep it Coming

Below is a guest post from an active internet user, online strategy consultant, and salesperson for Vipe, Fred. He spends an inordinate time online and wants to thank (and also make a request) to all of his potential vendors, partners, and sources of information out there:

“I don’t know about you, but I work on a computer or PDA all day long and I really get tired of reading and reading until my eyes feel like they are frying and ready for a crow to pick my eyeballs out for lunch. And then presto feels like overnight magic and the internet bandwidth and web 2.0 come to save my eyes and brain at one time. Yes there is a tech god out there.

Now during my daily quest on the grid I am greeted by nice video boxes with an irresistible arrow to click and all the info I need comes pouring into my brain in 2 minutes or less.

So what has motivated all these video marketers?  It seems Forrester Research has uncovered some answers very recently.

  • Video increases the time spent on a site (no kidding!)   65% view videos 10% read the text – Pass the Visine
  • There is a 12% buy rate with video and only a 1% rate with text – eBay better wake up!
  • Videos with social media share tools get 20% more traffic – Maybe I can sell my house now?

So to all the video marketers on the grid, please keep it coming, you make the day a lot smoother.”

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