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Vipe returns from an awesome CSP conference!

Vipe is back in town from a fantastic annual conference in Los Angeles hosted by the California Staffing Professionals! Vipe had a booth at the event and I was a speaker on multiple occasions. The overall feeling was that the content provided by all the speakers was valuable and the vendors felt they were treated very well by the CSP.

I had a blast giving my presentation about developing a digital marketing strategy and also co-hosting a break-out session with Craig Silverman, Partner / VP at Albin Engineering Services Inc. (www.aesi.com), about how to use Web 2.0 tools. We did a live, online, interactive session and the feedback we received from our co-hosted session was that it was the best presentation ever!

Other key takeaways:

  • Danny Cahill (www.accordingtodanny.com) made a great point about changing technology. He asked the audience, “Can you name a technology advancement in the recruiting industry that was invented, and afterward people went back to the old way?” The answer is NO! People no longer deliver resumes in person, or use the fax. They now use email. Since the advent of voicemail, we don’t see it being dis-invented. So if you are deciding on whether or not to implement a new technology – what are you waiting for?!
  • Danny also made another point suggesting why phone calls are not working as well as they used to (aside from all the economic troubles). Think to yourself – in the morning when you first show up to work, what do you check first – your voice mail, email, or text messages? You know it’s not your voice mails, so why would you expect your customer to be any different? To get the attention of your buyer you have to cater to their behaviors.
  • Craig Silverman made the point that there are already 400 million people on Facebook, 50 million people on LinkedIn, millions of people including kids and grandparents uploading videos, and hundreds of millions of blogs out there – if you are not utilizing these technologies YOU ARE ALREADY LATE! These are no longer new technologies, hundreds of millions of people have beat you to it – that’s beyond the early adopters.
  • Neil Lebovits (www.thedynamicsale.com) made a great point that in internet marketing you don’t just want to email blast your prospects – you want to walk them through a sequential marketing plan. He compared email marketing to the sales process – you have a process with which you sell, walking the prospect through steps A-N. Why would you not do a sequential email marketing campaign to prospects to increase your conversion rates?

I’ll close by giving a huge thank you to Heather Leemon-Raboff and Lynn Ebro, among others, who put together a flawless, productive, and fun conference! Thank You!

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