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Vipe is Proud to be Helping the Environment

November 24, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was recently at the San Francisco Academy of Sciences Museum, and though the entire museum was fascinating, there were a few billboards and messages presented that caught my eye. Global warming is a popular message in today’s world as it is becoming clear that we as humans have a dramatic impact on the environment.

When reading the two billboards depicted below, I was reminded that Vipe is a “Green” company. Our Vipe Recruiting solution allows recruiters to present short 30 second videos of their candidates to their clients. Backed by scientific studies, this presents a much more well-rounded view of the candidate (compared to just a text resume) and lends itself to minimizing the number of in-person interviews needed. Clients can prioritize which candidates to interview after gaining an understanding of their communication, personality and energy, in addition to the qualifications on their resume. As a result, less travel expenses, and less CO2 is put into the environment. Whether by car, plane or bus, view the below images to see the impact of travel on the environment.



Vipe is proud to be helping the environment.

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